Monday, March 31, 2014

Hola Familia!

Hey! Como estan todos? Well my week was good. I'm on a little bit early today because I am traveling to Huancayo again today. If you are asking didn't she just go I would respond yes, it feels like those three weeks went by so fast. Another long drive but it will be better to leave today instead of at 5am tomorrow like we usually do. 

Remember that man that we contacted in the street last week that was baptized as a boy but hadn't been in 40 years? He went to church yesterday all by himself even though we invited him at the beginning of the week. So happy.

I completed a year in my mission last week. We didn't do anything crazy like burn clothes ( I guess they have some crazy traditions like that) but we did get ice cream. More than the number I was happy to realize that I have kept a journal for the past year and have an entry for every single day. That's definitely the longest I have ever written in a journal. I usually start, miss a day and since I am a perfectionist feel like I have to start over and tear all those pages out. As I was looking at my journals this past week I realized how much I have actually learned and grown.

We were able to watch the General Relief Society broadcast on Saturday. My companion begged me to find a way to watch it in English so we ended up being in a little room watching it from a computer in English. It was cool that the first speaker mentioned Peru and Mexico in the same talk. One of the speakers asked a question that for some reason made me ponder a lot. She asked "What does it mean to you to be a disciple of Christ?" I pondered a lot on that question. I guess this week being a disciple of Christ meant helping a little old lady carry scrap wood to her house to take a little bit of the load off her back, reading to people out of the scriptures who don't know how to read, comforting and teaching a set of parents about the plan of salvation who just lost their oldest daughter, helping a little kid catch their pigs that some how got off the leash, and inviting everyone to follow Jesus Christ even if it, means being in the rain.

My companion said something really profound this week. She said it's cool on your mission that your joy comes through seeing the changes and successes in other people. It's different because its not about you. As I have studied about the character of God I have realized that he is a lot like that. He is happy for us when we are happy and sad when we are sad. The biggest joy that we can give him is the changes that we make in our lives to be closer to him. 

Hope you all have a great week! 


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