Monday, March 17, 2014

Hola Familia! Well we had cambios!

And I'm staying in my area so that will be 6 months by the end of the cambio. I will have a year in my mission and 2 areas. But I'm also training again! A new missionary fresh from the MTC. I was really surprised to get asked to do it again because I have been literally training my entire mission since I left my trainer. Most of the sister training leaders aren't training this cambio either since there were lots of people who finished their training. But I'm really excited and think it should be a good transfer. I really do love my area a lot. Training again means I went back to Huancayo again, another 8 hour trip each way for the training. I have been traveling so much that I think I am excited to stay in my area for a while. 
Saying goodbye
So about my companion. She is an American, from Salt Lake City, Utah, la fabrica de todos misionarios. haha. That's what all the members say here. It means the factory of missionaries. She is also beautiful. I always get such pretty companions which never helps with drunk men or people yelling at us in the streets but she is really great. I have seen already that we are going to work hard and well together. She is really happy to be here and is really positive. 
My new companion! So great.
I was reminded of the joy that the gospel brings and the change that it brings to peoples lives in a visit to Jenny this week. She was always sad and whenever we would ask her how she was doing she would say mas or menos. Which is like I'm doing okay. This week we visited her and she said she was doing so good and she was just so happy. She has received incredible blessings since her baptism and she says she just feels peace. We ended up teaching both of her sons this week too. 
This is a mango tree.
We were way out in our area this week! It's beautiful in the farm lands.
I'm not very educated about banana trees but I had never seen that big flower at the bottom of it kinda cool.
We were told in the training in Huancayo that you see more miracles while you are training than you will probably see in all of your mission. We have already seen that this week with one of our investigators. We had a lesson on Friday with him and he had been progressing so well, he had come to church for several weeks, has all the lessons and is in the tenth chapter of the Book of Mormon but he wasn't sure about being baptized. He kept thinking he should wait. We testified and were really bold with him. We left the lesson with him still feeling unsure about everything so we just invited him to pray again. He called us the next morning and said I have been thinking about baptism all night and I think I need to be baptized and that I shouldn't wait. He wanted us to come over right then to plan it but we couldn't since we were studying so we went over that afternoon and scheduled it for the next Sunday. So exciting! 
farm lands
On a funny note, we had my companions first lunch with members yesterday. It really is a ton of food, especially rice. I'm more used to it but she couldn't finish all the rice so when the lady left she started wrapping it in toilet paper and sticking it into her bag. (They always have a roll of toilet paper on the table because they use them as napkins). As she was finishing a rice toilet paper ball the lady came around the corner so my companion put both of her hands on her plate to cover the toilet paper. She happened to be sitting directly in front of the pitcher of boiled grinded apple water so she couldn't see and without missing a beat I started asking the lady questions about her family to distract her and my comp finished her rice ball and quickly stuck it in her bag. Fhew!
This is our apartment in case I haven't showed you.
Other than that all is well. For Spanish study today we tried to translate on command English church songs while we were cleaning and I studied about condemnation this morning in Alma 12. I learned so much about the love and justice of God about this topic. Always learning a ton from the scriptures. Love you guys a lot. Have a great week. 

Hermana Rhoten 1 (That's for Marissa)

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