Monday, March 24, 2014

Hey family. This week was so great. So crazy how much the Lord blesses us in this area.

I don't even have time to write about all of it so here's the short and condensed version. 
My companion and I have been praying to find new investigators and to be able to teach families this week. The Lord answered us though references of members and a few of his own miracles. One woman came up to us in the street and asked if we could come and visit her. Of course we said yes but the problem was that she lived in the hills and didn't have an address or a phone. She told us to just follow her to her home about a ten minute walk from where we were and invited us into her home. We taught her and her family two nights in a row. We are teaching three other complete families with the help of members and are hoping to see progress in them. We had some crazy golden questions this week from parents. And we taught one of those directly in the middle of a construction zone. I guess you can feel the spirit anywhere even though its not ideal. 

Another tree
We also found an inactive member by contacting him in the street. He was like where is the church? We explained to him and he told us that he was baptized when he was a kid and hasn't been for about 40 years. He was so nice and invited us in to start reteaching him. 

Cute Bishop of ours at our ward activity.  Love him.
Also it was Ronal's baptism this week! It was one of the least stressful baptisms of my mission. Maybe I am finally getting the hang of it. After he came out of the bathroom from changing out of his wet clothes he walked over to sit down and shook my hand and told me thank you for all the time that I had spent teaching him and helping him to come to this point. He was so happy. The smile didn't leave his face all day at church and everyone said he was glowing.
We also had some of the normal Peruvian obstacles this week like we lost light two nights in a row and water for a day. One of the nights we lost light we were wandering in darkness with my cell phone light up the hills at night to have a family home evening with a family in our ward. We ended up singing Jesus is mi luz (the lord is my light) and talking about the coming of Christ in the Americas after three days of darkness all by candle light in their home. I realized how grateful those people must have been in order to be restored to light and how Christ saying that he was the light of the world must have been an extraordinary statement. I thought about what it truly means that he is the light of the world. He has power over darkness, and brings understanding and clarity. I'm grateful for the light he gives me in my life. I am so happy to be following him.
Lunch at a member's house haha

Hope everyone has a great week this week! Also Feliz Cumpleanos to my sister Madison and my best friend Mariah! Love you both

Hermana Rhoten 1

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