Monday, March 10, 2014

Hola familia! This week went by so fast! I was all over the place this week.

With Angelo our recent convert he was writing in our recuerdos books.
 We went to Huancayo for council and I learned a lot like normal. It was hard though because there are a lot of people going home this week and they had everyone give their final testimonies, including my trainer who I was with for 4.5 months in Huancayo. The spirit was very strong. I might go as far as to say one of the most spiritual testimony meetings I have felt. I think there must be something powerful about hearing a testimony of the Lord from those who not only believe but have been serving him actively for 2 years or year and a half. 
My trainer is going home this week. I said goodbye to her this morning. We were together for 4.5 months.
We have been feeling really blessed by the Lord this week. I cant really think of anything big but that he has been helping us in everything that we have been doing. On Sunday about an hour before church I pleaded with the Lord that a way would be opened so that an investigator we have been working with would come to church. He came even though it was a little late. On Monday night we really needed our recent converts mother to sign a paper that I needed to take with us to Huancayo the next day and we went and she wasnt there. The family said that she is guarding land. There is a lot of invasions going on right now with land and people go camp on their land to keep people from taking it. Its so hard to find people home sometimes. They said they didnt know how long she would be there or if she would even be back in the next few days. Right as we were leaving and saying goodbye, she pulled up in a moto. Thanks Heavenly Father. He also kept me safe in all my travels this week. 

This might be the last day with my companion.....sad
Speaking of staying safe while traveling, the drive from here to Cerro de Pasco was crazy. Peruvians are nuts when driving. We were in a car and we passed a police man going 110 km with a sign that said 35 km. Just a little bit over the speed limit. We didnt get pulled over though. We would swerve back and forth and be going head on with large trucks or other cars that we didnt know the speed limits for around blind turns.My companion and I both said a little prayer that we would make it their safely and we did. 
Llamas or in Spanish. Yamas lots of them driving to Cerro.
The mine in Cerro de Pasco, out of a taxi though. this is the center of the city and everyone works there.
It's pretty cold in Cerro. In our sleeping bags.
I'm wearing 6 layers in this picture. All ready to go to bed.
Cute little kid from Cerro de Pasco. this is where they use ponchos a lot. Like from the Emporer's New Groove.
He also helped us be able to eat lots of crazy foods this week. When my companion and I were in Cerro de Pasco we got wrangled in to helping judge a dessert night for their ward. It was basically fear factor. This one sweet old lady made this drink called masamora de chunyo that is basically rotten potatoes grinded up with some sort of wheat stuff. It smelled bad and tasted bad. We were trying to drink it without laughing but couldnt so I told them that we needed to laugh while eating all of them so they dont feel bad. It was really close to tocush. Yuck. Then on sunday this cute little old lady made us food. She brought us out a salad, then soup, then main course, then masamora de peaches, then more fruit and drink. Including extra potatoes and two chicken and 7 other potatoes on the main dish. We got full off the first plate and then we kept thinking she was done and then she would bring out more food. It ended up being 7 plates each in total and we were pretty much ready to throw it all up. We sure love her but we were very sick. We had stopped after the third plate and asked that heavelnly father would help us eat it all and he did. 
Maria, the one who fed us on Sunday. Weird picture but none of them were good.
This was that drink that's kind of like tocush. really gross. I did good though.
Our pday potluck. In the pitcher is mac and cheese that someone brought. Best thing ever. haha. We made the brownies on the end.
This is sting ray I was told. It was pretty good.
I realize that he is always helping us. Things constantly work out. We pray for help and strength and he gives it to us. Missionary work would be lot harder without it. Im just so grateful!
Sheep in the road
Latin elders attempting to play American football. None of them know how to throw it. So funny.

Hope you all have a great week! 

Hermana Rhoten

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