Monday, April 7, 2014

This week was so great! Conference was wonderful too!

Crazy fruits. Yum!

 It started with a crazy trip to Huancayo again. A normal 8 hour trip ended up being 12 hours because we got caught in a landslide mess on the way there. It was crazy and destroyed a lot of houses. It's only a little two lane highway on the side of a cliff and it was all backed up as they were trying to clear out the huge rocks and things. It ended up taking 5 hours to pass through it because Peruvians don't know how to wait their turns. They were trying to fit 4 cars/semi trucks in this little road to pass and then cars would pass and couldn't and we would try to back up an entire line of cars by just inches. It was so crazy and a little scary when you are the one on the outside next to the cliff and river. We ended up arriving in Huancayo at 2am. Sister Henderson answered the door and said President says you can sleep in. The training isn't until the afternoon anyways. The funny part is after a year of 6:30 am my body physically couldn't sleep in even though I had permission. I woke up early and studied.
The training was great. I went to the training with three specific questions I had and came out realizing that all of them are answered through applying the Atonement. I realized my purpose as a leader is to confront each person and problem and help them apply the Atonement. Christ already suffered for all these things and there is already a solution.

I have felt so grateful this week to be serving among people with such great faith. I learn so much from them and their examples each week. Some heart touching, faith building stories from this week...A woman we have been teaching and has been attending church for quite some time but is unable to be baptized because she can't get married yet taught me about keeping commandments. She had just lost her job and hasn't been working but she said she had felt so blessed by the lord that she wanted to know if she could pay tithing to the Lord even though she wasn't a member of the church. 
 Another family that lived on the street also some members in our ward found out their 7 year old boy had a very serious blood infection and was taken to the urgent care last night. The members of the church walked to every member and neighbor who lived in the nearby area to invite them to a home at 8pm in order to pray for this little boy and his family. What great love and faith!
Conference was awesome! I am so grateful for having such long prayers and songs every conference. They probably don't realize it when they are doing it but there are some missionaries in Peru running up and down mountains going to pick up investigators and trying to make it to the church on time. We were so sweaty when we finally got there. We had a mother and her daughter who live way up come with us. Everyone here knows their neighbors so they saw them all dressed up and shouted at her as we hurried down the mountain. Where are you going? She replied, I am going to the church of God want to come! I love these people so much. 

We watched conference in English on a little computer screen that paused every minute for about thirty seconds. It took us an hour longer to watch it than those who were watching it in Spanish. But we were grateful to hear it in our native tongue and to have the opportunity to take lots of notes during the pauses. haha. I learned so much from conference but I went to conference with the question of how I can love the people I serve a little bit more. President Monson directly answered my question as did many others. I felt the spirit teach me lots of things. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to listen to servants of the Lord speak for us in these times.

Love you all. Have a great week!

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