Monday, April 14, 2014

Hola Familia. This week was awesome!

The group
I'm going to start from the beginning, starting with Monday. We hiked up a pretty good sized mountain for pday with our zone and another zone. Peruvians call them cerros which means hill. I always argue with them. I'm like that is definitely not a hill it is a mountain.
Not a hill but so pretty
The hike was hard because it was almost straight up without any switchbacks and it was hot. But right at the end it started hailing really hard and I was trying to hike but ended up sliding for a good part of it. In most of my pictures I am soaking wet. Just lovely. But the view was beautiful. You could see everything from up there. It was also cool to see the airplanes flying quite a bit below us.
Our hiking group
From the hike
My Area
Hermana Whitlock and Jones. Both great girls.
Hermana Whitlock and I
The zones
That's half way up the mountain if you zoom into the top you can see the cross.
I feel like this week I found out why I stayed in Huanuco for another transfer. An older really active couple in the ward introduced us to their grandson who has just moved here from Lima this past week and his wife. It turns out I have a lot of connections to this family, we taught and baptized his youngest brother (I don't know if you remember Diego) and reactivate his cousin who had been inactive for two years. When I met him he reminded me so much of them both and I knew so much about their families that I felt like we had already known each other for a long time. They both accepted a date to be baptized in the first lesson. We ended up going to their home later that week in Culpa. That is the far out beautiful, jungle looking part of my area. Their home is gorgeous. You have to go down a bit and follow a natural stream next to this path that leads to their house and they have tons of trees, its just so pretty. Whenever I am in Culpa I never want to leave this area. In that lesson they both mentioned how they felt like this religion is going to change their lives. They have a beautiful five year old daughter and they realize that this is going to be the best for their family. We love them so much! 
It is so pretty in this part of my area.
So pretty the stream that follows to their house.
Another one of the great joys of missionary work is seeing recent converts and their progress. Almost all of them were at church on Sunday. Ronal is sharing the gospel with the world and receives the priesthood next Sunday. Jenny moved to another area really far from here. I had been so worried that she would go inactive but I received a call from two missionaries in Pulcapla who said that she contacted them in the street and told them she needed to go to church but didn't know where it was. They told me that she came to church with her mother and is an excellente missionary. We are sending her records there which is sad for us but are so happy to hear that she is doing good and is firm.

Random highlights of the week that I don't know where to put in....
Mosquitos are starting to come back since winter is over. NOOOO! And bugs too. It's that time again where you have to look through all your bread and rice really good.
I had an exciting discovery that avocados grow on trees. I don't know where I thought they came from my whole life but now I know. They are so good here.
We had lots of breastfeeding lessons this week. Man I feel so bad for elders sometimes.We are used to it.
We had lots of success in our area this week. 8 out of the 10 new investigators accepted dates for baptism. God is blessing us a lot.
This is an avocado tree.
One thing I have come to appreciate so much about this culture is their gratitude. There is a phrase that Peruvians use all the time that has taught me a lot about gratitude. After everything in daily conversation they say, Gracias a dios. For example, I say how are you, they say good gracias a dios. How is your work or family, Good gracias a dios. It literally means good thanks to God. I understand the meaning of the phrase humble yourselves that ye may live in thanksgiving daily for the many mercies and blessings that he gives to us daily as Amulek taught in Alma 34. I hope we can all recognize a little better those daily blessings we receive. 

Hope you all have a great week!


Hermana Rhoten 1

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