Monday, September 29, 2014

Hola Familia my last letter home.

Hey guys! 

First off, Madison is hilarious for sending me this talk about helping missionaries transition from the mission to home life. Not going to lie I will probably read all of it. You are the best. Secondly, to Marissa Sublimes are the best, especially the white chocolate ones. I sent some home for Christmas, not sure if you remember. I promise we will send some to you.

So first here are a few of the highlights of my week. Its been pretty busy here. My new companion is realizing that this area is huge and she has lots to learn really quickly. Shes also an hermana leader which means she has areas and I have areas that I am in charge of as well. That meant doing four divisions in the last two weeks of the transfer. Ahh! 

I really like my companion though she is from Nasca, Peru and has taught me some pretty cool things about Peruvian history. Like this week I was reading in Mormon where it talks about how they sacrificed women and children. I shared that with her during comp study and she told me that there are ancient temples in her home where they sacrificed only women and children on alters and then later repented and tried to cover it all up. Pretty neat.

On Saturday we got stuck in Huancayo after the women's conference because our taxi driver didn't have a license and had to go to the police station. It was partly a blessing because he had backed into a car in our first five minutes with him and there were tons of people in the car including several in the trunk. 

I completed 18 months as a missionary on Saturday! 

Yesterday I was leading music and there was a dog next to me in the church so I tried kicking it to get it to leave while I was leading but it just kept going circles around me. Everyone laughed. Not sure I will miss dogs in the church. 

The best part of my week was watching a 91 year old man from our ward get baptized yesterday! It took 7 attempts to get him completely under the water and was very difficult for him. Every time he came up he asked him if he was ready and he responded yes with lots of determination. Finally they had the elder step on his feet and he went all the way. In the end the man said in his own words if there are commandments of the Lord, they are to be completed. An example to everyone.
The 91 year old man who chose to be baptized this week. And those who came. He was baptized in Huancayo in the stake center so that there would be warm water.

Lastly, I know that many of you have heard my testimony but I want to share a piece of it with you today to let you know that I don't doubt the things that I have taught this past year and a half. I know in reality that God lives and that he loves us. I know that he listens when we pray because he has listened to me through out my life. I know that Jesus Christ is the son of God, the savior of the world. I know that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ we can be cleaned from sin and return to the presence of god. I know that if we confide in his sacrifice then we can overcome all of the pains, trials, difficulties that this life has to offer. In my time in Peru I have seen people of great faith overcome the most difficult of trials and change their lives for the better.

I know that Jesus Christ organized a church when he was on the earth and that his church has been restored by the prophet Joseph Smith in this dispensation. I testify that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I have searched diligently, page by page and then prayed to ask god if it is true. I cant deny the answer I have received and I know that it came from God. I know that as we are obedient to the laws and ordinances of the gospel that we will receive peace in this life because I have felt this peace. I know that these things are true.

See you all soon! 

Hermana Rhoten 1


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