Monday, August 18, 2014

Hola Familia!

My weeks are so busy that honestly I don't remember most of it. I always have to look in my journal before we leave to know what to write about. The gist of it is that we had a multi-zone pday, and conference, two divisions, the stake activity all day Saturday in Huancayo and the confirmations on Sunday.
Recognize her? She is a convert who was baptized when I was in Camino Real at the beginning of my mission. And her son. So cute.
Fun facts of this week:
- One of our investigators came to church drunk this week. It's always a bummer when that happens. It's like they are progressing but not really at the same time.
- David and America's family are getting sealed this Saturday! I talked to them all at the stake activity we had this last Saturday. So exciting. Wish I could go.

- We did two divisions back to back this week, one with a new sister that lives so close to home (The Dalles, Oregon) and a sister that lives in one of the farthest things from my home (Iquitos, Peru). It's jungle, you can only get there by several day boat trip or by plane, she had a pet baby crocodile and monkey, and they don't knock on doors to call people out of their houses but make an owl like sound. I'm practicing it so I can freak you all out when I get home.

- Remember how a few months ago I made fun of people for falling asleep on combis? Well I fell asleep on one standing up this week. That's what I get I guess.
our ward's table, us and the elders of our ward
The green dish was made by our ward. It was good.
Basically all the pictures I sent were from our stake activity. They assigned each ward to bring a typical plate from an assigned part of Peru and they did typical dances from each part too. I sent lots of pictures of food so you guys know what I eat here.
In case you were wondering what I eat here.
It's not a good picture but this is made of alpaca and potatoes well a type of potato called yuka. Not the same thing. Peru is known for its potatoes, they have like 30 types.
The peppers are ricota rellena which is a dish from Arequipa where my second comp was from. It's really good.
Our ward won third place for food overall, but that guinea pig won first place.
   The guinea pig won the contest.
Everyone loved it. So weird. My companion has a hard time even seeing it because one time we walked into a house right when they happened to be slaughtering them putting knives in their throats.
all dressed up for the dances
The dances were so cool. I recorded a bunch of them so remind me later in life to show them to you. These people love to dance and they all know how even to the littlest ones. It turned out to be a success, it was packed and we had investigators that went and received an awesome reference too.
Dances from my old ward. David and America's family danced too.
I am learning that God has a perfect knowledge and understanding of what he does and why he does it. He has perfect mercy and justice at the same time and that everything he does gives us the best chance of returning to him.

Have a great week everyone! 

Love, Hermana Rhoten 1

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