Monday, July 28, 2014

Gracias for birthday emails! You guys are all the best.

Feliz dia de independencia! It's Peru's independence day today. Everyone is in fiesta and there are flags everywhere! I decided I need to buy a peruvian flag, I'm basically Peruvian now. 
This is Eloy. He is like an angel. He is so faithful. I just love him.
I've learned reflecting back on my week that God really does keep his promises that he gives to us as missionaries. It has strengthened my testimony so much to see that God supports us in everything that we do.
This picture is called my mom is the best.
Our area is huge so we walk a ton here and occasionally have to climb mountains to get to houses. We finish each day so exhausted. Despite this my companion has a really special talent of finding service opportunities. We have been able to serve almost everyone we have taught this week and have had really great experiences. Sometimes when the houses only have dirt floors we sweep the dirt so that it's nice and pretty and even. I have seen that we have been able to keep going despite being so tired fulfilling the promise that we will receive strength. 

I always photo bomb her pictures.
I know we aren't supposed to share things like this until we are home but i decided it's fine because it was a really spiritual experience. My companion and I were coming back from a lesson at night in an area that had lost most of its light, we were alone walking down the mountain when we came across a group of 15 drunk men, a group that I recognized. I hurried to pull my hood up to cover my hair color but it was too late and looked up to make eye contact with them. It was like they looked right at us and then went on their way, they didn't even say anything. Normally they would have at least shouted at us if not have given us more trouble. My companion turned to me and said Hermana, it's like they didn't even see us! They didn't even acknowledge we were there. We must have been protected. God promises that we will receive protection and power over our enemies. 
  An everyday occurrence. Sheep are everywhere. More than dogs almost in these parts.
We felt the spirit a lot this week that testified of our words and gave us the power of God to the convincing of men. We taught someone that had been taught many times and been invited to be baptized with much rejection. We taught to his needs, testified and boldly invited him to be baptized. He paused for a moment and accepted. 

This week was also super busy with hermana leader stuff. We made several trips to the office, helped with sick sisters, made a million phone calls, helped the new area of Jauja sisters who don't have anything in their apartment and I went apartment hunting all day Friday because they had to find one by this week and get all moved in. One of my responsibilities as an hermana leader is that my area is supposed to be an example area even as you complete everything else. When the end of the week came we realized that we had increased our lessons by a lot despite all of the to dos. The scriptures promise that God's arm will be our arm and it is true. 

We are promised that our joy will be great! Also true. There is nothing happier than helping other people. I love missionary work.

Have a great week! 

Hermana Rhoten 1

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