Monday, July 14, 2014

Hola Familia!

So before I start, the craziest thing just happened. We saw a group of German tourists just now and were in the combi with them. It was so weird. I couldn't stop staring at them. They were so white and just looked so out of place. I totally understand why everyone stares at us now.
Visiting Huancavelica last week again. I love these two, and the one taking the picture which was also once my companion.

The drive to Huancavelica is so pretty. Cameras don't do it justice. It's on a cliff the entire way.
Our trip to Huancavelica last week being stopped by a herd of donkeys. Normal occurrence. But it took a good 15 or 20 mins to get through it.
And now about my week! So the fiestas are calming down, my companion was almost kissed by a drunk man this week but other than that the city has been pretty tranquillo, meaning calm I guess. I like tranquillo better.

My week was mostly spent taking care of my companion who had the most lovely of stomach infections this week. It was a bad one, she threw up everything she ate for an entire week, even sometimes just water and we both didn't sleep much because she was up a lot of the night. We taught a few lessons at the beginning of the week and she had an emergency at a member's house in San Jeronimo.  The member led her to this outhouse with a bucket, a lovely experience for her and after that we called it quits until it got better. We finally went to the clinic on Saturday which is always a scary experience here but we survived. Seeing that the bathrooms didn't have any sort of soap or toilet seat and the nurse taking blood over full blankets not worrying about the spilling of it I would say that is a great miracle. We count our blessings.
This is from counsel this week. It's crazy how many of us there are. And how many gringas there are now. When I was called I was the only one. It's lots of fun though.
A highlight of my week was a visit from Sister Henderson who brought us a heater! She had remembered me mentioning that we didn't have one and with us being stuck in the room a bunch this week she thought to bring us one. She drove all the way out to Concepcion to bring it to us. So nice and thoughtful! I love her.  The heater is little and it sounds like a lawn mower (it's loud) and we can't use it to much or it will blow our circuits but we are so happy!
our heater and a missionary desk
The honest truth is that I have realized that I feel sad when I'm not teaching. I learned a lot from the scriptures this week being stuck in the room a lot but I hope that next week we can hit the week running full speed. When I started my mission I loved to study every spare second that I had and was always reading and I still do love to learn but I have realized that as time has gone on that my joy has been found out in the villages in the cold teaching and talking to people and just helping them feel the spirit and live the gospel.
Cute little old lady, our investigators wife. Not my favorite picture of me but she's cute.
I learned a lot this week from studying the sermon on the mount as a whole. (3 Nephi 12: 3-12 and Matt 5 too) Christ teaches us what constitutes blessings and being blessed and also teaches that for everyone who suffers there will always be a reward, opposite to what was suffered. Most of the time the fullness of these blessings don't come until after this life which shows me that this life is the preparation for a greater future. There is such great hope that comes from living the gospel and such great promises for a future with God someday. All will be made right in the end if we do our part now. 

Hope you all have a great week! 


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