Monday, September 9, 2013

Our mission is never boring....

I'm excited to hear where Marissa is going this week! I sent her my guesses Georgia and Brazil. This week was not normal. I'm starting to wonder what a normal week is like. Hermana Henderson was accompanying us for a day this week and she said something that is really true. "This mission is never boring". I really am never bored here.
We moved into our new home. Its huge. It has one big room and three small ones. We have a room, the hermanas del tambo tiene un room and the huge one will be for all the bunk beds when the hermanas come. We have started dancing in there in the morning to EFY music for exercise. I'm learning some traditional Bolivian dances. I mean why not, I live with two Bolivians. When we got to our house we didn't have a shower head so the Elders came over to install one for hot water! The funny thing though is that they installed it wrong and water entered into the electrical part and fried it. We were getting electrocuted so we were showering out of buckets from the sink all week. I actually prefer the bucket if it is going to be freezing anyways. They installed a new one and now we have hot water! Awesome.
Our mission president wanted us to get more people to come to baptisms.  Looks like successes to me.
There is another baptism, possibly two this week. We have such good investigators right now. We started teaching a woman that is progressing really fast this week.  She prayed about the Book of Mormon to know if it was true and had a dream where she saw Jesus Christ and kind of a vision of the restoration. She feels like that was an answer to her prayer and is sure that the church is true. She says that she feels like the gospel came to her at the right time of her life and she is excited for her baptism in a few weeks.

Hermana Orellano is leaving.
We celebrated Hermana Soliz and Hermana Orellanas one year marks this week. And then right after we found out that there are transfers for Hermana Orellana. She leaves today to Huanuco. It was really hard for her to hear that because she has been in this area for more than five months. She was one of the first people that I met when I got here to Huancayo and we will miss her for sure. Hermana Procell will be with a mini missionary for two weeks until transfers. We are really tired today because we had a missionary stay with us last night that had to leave at 4:30 am so sorry if none of this is making sense. 
Studying on the roof for last time before we moved.
Like I said earlier we were with Hermana Henderson for a day this week. In the time we were with her nothing went according to plan. Even better than that we had a talent show planned for that night with all three of the wards together. We got there late to set up and when we opened up the church we realized that it was flooded with water! There was about an inch of water through out the entire first floor of the church, in the chapel, hallways and rooms. We all grabbed brooms and mops and started pushing the water out the door to get it cleaned up as quickly as possible so it wouldn't ruin the floors. All of our shoes were soaked. What happened is that we never ever have water in this church and someone had turned on the sink to see if there was water in the bathroom and didn't turn it off. The drain was plugged and when we had water it ran for days. We ended up starting the activity really late because of other complications but a lot of people showed up and it turned out alright in the end.
working hard to get rid of the flood

Tenga un bien semana. 

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Rhoten

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