Monday, September 2, 2013

Hola Familia!

This week was a long crazy week. My companion is the leader of the hermanas and we got a call this week saying we needed to find a new place to live that could fit ten or more hermanas. We are going to have a lot more hermanas coming and they will need a place to be before they are sent off to their areas. So we are moving today. All of our stuff is packed up and we are spending our pday moving. The elders really weren't too happy about it. We are going to try and finish quickly so that we can do something fun too. 
Some of my favorite kids
A lot of this week was spent looking for a place to live. Whenever we had an appointment fall through we would look for apartments because we had to find a place to be by this week. We had some fun adventures while looking for apartments. We thought we were following a reference from Elders for an apartment and we ended up walking out into the middle of nowhere land Huancayo. There we found the city of dogs. I have never seen so many dogs in my life. There were hundreds and hundreds, on top of buildings and just everywhere. We ended up finding a place to be on Thursday. It is huge but it really isn't very nice. At least its painted though, most of the places we looked at were concrete walls or didn't have floors. We will be living there with the other two hermanas of Tambo and the ten beds for when hermanas come. We are sad to leave our other home but it will be better because it is a lot closer to the pensionistas house. We usually have to walk twenty minutes or take a moto.
inside a moto with one of our moto driver friends
After pday in the rain with my district
It rained a ton again this week. It always is sunny for part of the day first and then it rains out of nowhere. On Monday we played volleyball with my district and got soaked. It was fun though. I was team captain and we won both times. I usually hate volleyball because I always get smacked in the face but I am getting a lot better. One night this week it was pouring rain and we had an umbrella from a family who lent it to us and it broke because it was raining so hard. We rain to a moto but couldn't get the umbrella to close and were in a hurry so we shoved the open broken umbrella into the moto just drenched. The moto driver thought it was so funny. All we were thinking was that the Elders are going to kill us for being late for informes. I don't remember the word for that in English either. When we call and give our numbers for the week. Haha. 
I couldn't resist. Look at this baby so cute.
We had a great zone conference this week on humility. My goal for this month is to develop better humility and to line up my will with the Lords.
I am super excited to tell you about the miracle we had this week with meeting our goal for the month. At the beginning of the month we had prayed to know what our goal should be with a number in mind and we both felt very strongly that it should be another number. We were scared a little because it was a high number for our area. This week we were lacking two baptisms to meet our goal. We fasted to know who they should be.
Jessica after her baptism
Jessica's baptism
One of them was Jessica but the other person we thought it was fell through. We were disappointed that we didn't meet the goal. We got a call on Thursday night from our district leader to say that the other hermanas had been teaching someone that was in our ward boundaries and he was ready for baptism just in time for the end of the month. We ended up completing our goal. I know that God had a plan for this area and he knows more than we do. This is his work and not ours.
Joel's baptism
Have a good week!

Hermana Rhoten

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  1. It's so wonderful to hear what you are doing. It brings back lots of memories of my own missionary days. You seem so happy and I know you are just an amazing hermana! We miss you, but are so happy for your experiences and service. So fun to see your pictures too! Take care! Love ya! Amy McFarlane