Monday, September 30, 2013

Hola! Mexico city better watch out!

I had been trying to be patient all week to check my email to know where Marissa is going on her mission. It was really tough. Last week my mom sent me an email during the same time that I was online and said she had her call but wasn't there to open it. That only made it worse. Mexico city better watch out! And mom and dad too because we are going to be talking in Spanish together when we get back. That's so awesome. I'm so very proud of her and excited for the experiences that she will have there.
We ride vans a lot. They smoosh you in there. I wish you could see how many people are really in this van. Its crazy. 
 Well this week was crazy for us with transfers. Hermana Soliz and I were running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Really though. We had all the new missionaries and the trainers staying with us, made tons of trips to the office and just trying to get everything ready. I didn't have transfers but Hermana Soliz left to Huanuco. I am about ready to change my mission call to mission Camino real (my areas name). But the big news is that I am training! I was a little bit terrified when I got the phone call from president. I was like Hermana Soliz is here you can talk to her, but he said he wanted to talk to me. I was nervous about my Spanish but I have found that this week I am doing fine and I know this area well so I am comfortable with it. 

My companion is Hermana Alpaca from Arequipa Peru. I couldn't think of a better last name for a Peruvian. She is so little! I became a giant overnight. I really love her already, she is so good, and so obedient. She will learn quickly. The only thing is that she is scared to talk so I have been doing all the talking this week. I know that she will get over that with time. Especially just talking to people in the street. In this mission we go up to everyone in the street introduce ourselves and tell them we are here to baptize them. Its the truth but when you first arrive on the mission it takes some adjustment. She has a strong testimony and I know that I will learn a lot from her. By some miracle we have a baptism on Friday and she is so excited about it. 
My little companion and I.
Wednesday we were in training all day together and I really learned a lot during that time. I made a lot of goals of things I plan to improve. We had pizza that day from pizza hut. It was the greatest. Thursday we were out on the streets. The first thing we did together was talk about what is important to us in missionary work. One thing that is really important to me is that we teach people like people because they are real people. I try to treat every conversation like I am having a heart to heart with a friend and share scriptures that actually apply to them. We have had a lot of those lessons this week and one thing about our companionship is that we gain confidence really quickly with other people. Something that is really important to her is that we help less active families, which we have a ton of. This week we called every single one and tried to make an appointment with them. In my opinion less active lessons are the hardest lessons but I have seen lots of miracles this week and hearts soften as we have talked with them and reminded them of the covenants they made at baptism. We had three of them at church this week at that was really special. 
Foto from pday...We were playing volleyball out in the country in a big field.
Pics from pday typical Peru. This woman dresses how every old women dresses here. The skirt hat hair in two long braids with the fabric sac on her shoulders is really typical to see on the streets.
Yes those are cows in the street near our home. Its pretty common to see that too.
I know God lives and loves each of us. Have a good week! Love you all!

Hermana Rhoten

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