Monday, June 16, 2014

Hola Familia! First off, Happy Father's day yesterday to dad!

Father's day here was so crazy. I'll talk about it in a bit. 

My companion and I have been switching off being stomach sick all week. Whenever that happens we always try and guess what food it was that made us sick. My companion always blames it on the fish omelets because she hates them. We don't really eat them that often so I don't think its always the fish omelets. We were looking back this week and realizing that we ate a lot of different food. Monday we ate cow heart and some sort of spongy part of an animal. Not sure I want to know what it was. We also got offered this fruit thing. It looks kind of like a two foot long giant green bean and you tear off the skin and eat the white stuff inside, its really sweet. Yesterday for lunch with members we ate pacha manca again cooked in the ground. It was really good but it made my companion so sick. Poor thing, shes had a rough go around. The first month of her mission she was sick the entire time and then they found out it was because her water bottle filter wasn't screwed on all the way. Our water isn't super safe here, but I guess its nice to know that our water bottles work.
People here get creative with their bridges to their homes.
My companion and I were daring each other to cross this one to contact a house.
We changed the limits of our area this week. We now have a few more little pueblitos including Hualuas and Santo Domingo (before it was the elders area but still in our ward) Our old bishop took us around Hualuas and it is beautiful. You kinda have to learn the short cuts and trails to get to peoples houses because its all hidden so him helping us helped a ton. We met a man who was converted not too long ago that had a very similar experience to John Tanner. He hadn't been able to walk since his youth but after listening to the missionaries he had developed a desire to be baptized. The bishop and the missionaries gave him a blessing then the missionaries called him forward and asked him to walk in the name of Jesus Christ and he did. Now he walks with a cane and is so grateful for the church. His wife died a month ago and he is so sad without her so we are going to go back and teach him about the plan of salvation again.
This is from Hualuas (this pueblito is famous for its tapestry and things)

Funny and sad: My companion trying to start conversation with a man yesterday to possible share the gospel with him asked what kind of leaves he was selling (assuming that it was some kind of herb) he responded that it is coca or cocaine. So funny.
Our district leader who is from Costa Rica got reassigned to a different mission this week in Ecuador. Some sort of problems with his papers. We sang god be with you till we meet again at our district meeting and it was so sad. We will miss him.

Yesterday for Father's day we only had 35 people at church! We had passed by the park in the morning and there were hundreds maybe a thousand people in the plaza dancing and things for fathers day. Maybe that's where they all went. It's crazy because Concepcion isn't a very big place. I'm not really sure where all the people come from. Since the wards here are mostly all recent converts the commandment to keep the sabbath day holy is really misunderstood. People buy food in the middle of sacrament, work on Sundays and go to church when they can. I have committed myself to re teaching the commandment to everyone in the ward. We taught primary the other week and were like drill sergeants trying to help them learn it. We would ask a question like Do we work on Sunday? and they would say NO! Do we buy things on 
Sunday? NO! What do we do on Sunday? We go to church! So cute. I think they got it.

Remember the mom who wanted to name her baby Joseph Smith? Well she had the baby and its a boy but she hasn't named it yet. The mom is pretty sick still and I guess hasn't gotten around to it. But we had the cutest lesson with her and her daughter about the plan of salvation. Our recent converts (the nine year old) dad died so it was cool to be able to teach the plan of salvation and explain to her that her baby brother was with god before he came to the earth last week and that her dad is waiting for them in the spirit world. There was a really special spirit in that lesson. 

Well the church is still true. Jesus Christ is still our savior and his work moves forward. Hope you all have a great week!

Hermana Rhoten 1

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