Monday, January 6, 2014

Hola Familia! Feliz Ano Nuevo!

 Como estan ustedes? Feliz Ano Nuevo. This week was lots of fun and really busy. We taught a lot of lessons this week and met some really great people. I leave for Huancayo tomorrow morning at 6 am and I will be there for a few days for the leadership training. I am excited but not that excited about the drive and being away from my companions for that long. I am hoping that they will do fine on their own here, we have members to accompany them this week if they don't understand the Spanish.
We were playing with a parrot at another sister's pensionista's house for pday last week. It talks in Spanish. lol

This is a juanee a typical jungle plate that our pensionista made for us this week.
New Year's was fun too. It is basically the same thing as Christmas. They eat dinner at midnight and set off a million fireworks. It was the most fireworks I have ever seen in my whole life at one time. It was so smoky and so loud. We had permission to stay up with the family we live with again but we were just too tired. So we went bed at ten thirty and then woke up right before midnight. We went up on the roof and watched the fireworks for a few minutes and that's where I was when it changed to the New Year. It was a really cool moment standing on a roof in Huanuco, Peru watching all the fireworks go off.
New Year's
So dad asked me about meat in Peru...they like meat. I don't know if you can see how big this is. It was part of my New Year's dinner its from my companions camera.
This is from New Year's. I don't know why they put Santa hats on. Christmas and New Year's are kind of the same thing here.
This week we were in the hills a lot. Walking alone is tiring but walking straight up and down hills all day is really tiring. The body has always fascinated me and that's what I studied in college but I felt I have never really had as great of an appreciation for what your body can do until I have been in this area. Its crazy to feel so strong but to feel so weak at the same time and to keep going until you think you can't anymore. One day this week after a long day we came home and crashed on our beds for a few minutes before we started planning and one of my companions know that scripture that says we need to serve with all our heart might mind and strength? I feel like not serving with all your might and strength isn't an option here. It takes all of it to just get to your appointments in a day. It made me laugh. I am hoping that by the end of the transfer I will be able to get up and down those hills like a Peruvian woman. With a whole load of sticks or leaves on my back and holding a baby. Just kidding we aren't allowed to hold babies.
houses up in the hills
  Our hike strait up....
Diego also got baptized this week. It was one of my favorite baptisms of my mission. His smile when he came out of the water told the whole story. And his testimony was really sweet too. It didn't come without its trials though. When we arrived to have his interview he said I have to tell you something. I am moving to Lima tonight. We were like WHAT?? You can't leave you have a baptism tomorrow. He said it just kinda came up and that he decided to go. But we ended up talking to him and he stayed and was baptized. And he is actually still here because he hasn't been able to leave yet. 

Diego's baptism and Elder Alverado. He is one of the zone leaders from Equador that we share a ward with.
When you have a baptism you have five things to worry about. If you can get through those five things you will have a great baptism. Those five things are the person being baptized, water in the baptismal font, baptismal clothing, keys to the church, and other people to be there and support them. The day of the baptism I am happy when we check one of those things off the list in my head. I think every one of my baptisms in my mission have had problems with one of those things at first despite our efforts to plan so well. But it always gets worked out and then we have a great baptism. This baptism was no exception. We got there with Diego and were waiting for more people to show up when we heard that sound when water finishes draining. Our ward mission leader went and looked in the font and all the water had drained accidentally because someone who was doing yard work outside unplugged it. We ended up having to wait for it to fill back up before we could get started but it was a huge blessing because the spirit was so strong as we sang hymns and his grandmother was able to arrive just in time to see his baptism. His mother had died this past year and listening to his grandmother bear testimony for her was really special. Everyone was wiping tears from their eyes.The Lord works in mysterious ways.
Negritos - Everyone is dancing in the street.
I feel so blessed to be here on a mission and to be serving the Lord. Its is amazing to be able to see his miracles each day. 

Have a great week everyone.

Love Hermana Rhoten

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