Monday, August 12, 2013

This week was a good week. We have cambios this week on Tuesday.

I really don't remember the word in English sorry. Its where we might switch areas and companions. We find out Tuesday night what the plan is. My companion and I are really hoping that we don't change because we love this area and are working well together. I feel like I haven't seen her much this week because we had two divisions this week where I was with another sister for two days. After each division I felt really confident. Each of those two days we had high numbers, our lessons went great, my Spanish was functioning and one of them we had 6 new investigators with a baptism date. It was really exciting. Hermana Soliz is like a proud mother because she was my trainer.

It rained every day this week. After about day three I gave up on hair and makeup. It always started out looking sunny but then it would randomly start pouring rain in the middle of the day. One day it showered and we got soaked to our underwear. If you can imagine us running the streets, just drenched that about sums up my week. We have really great investigators that lent us clothes so we could still teach without going to our apartment because it is really far.

We found a really great family of five kids this week and taught them the first lesson. They were so excited especially the father. It was one of the best first lessons of my mission. I hope I stay in this area to teach them a little longer.
Two zones of sisters in Huancayo
I had a really bad week of men this week. I got asked on two dates, asked if I was interested in marriage, called baby, precious, love, all sorts of stuff, and a 35 year old man invited me over to his house but he didn't want my companion to come. He said he would make me dinner. All of them say they will come to church and want to know where it is. My companion and I have started including in our prayers that we will be able to discern between those people who really want to hear the gospel and be able to avoid those who have other motives. I know that I have been protected by the Lord many times. 
On the mountain last Pday
My Spanish is getting a lot better. I'm starting to think in Spanish and dream in Spanish. I had one last night. It is a weird sensation that I can't explain to anyone who has never learned a language before. I occasionally make mistakes though. My worst one I think was one time when we were at an investigators home talking about an experience and I wanted to say that I was embarrassed. Estaba embarazosa. But there are two words that are really close in Spanish, embarazosa which means embarrased and embarazada which means pregnant. I used the second one and told them that I was pregnant. Luckily my companion was there to explain otherwise it would have been a whole lot more embarrasing. :)
One night this week we were contacting near a park and a really drunk lady came up to us and practically threw herself on us. She was crying saying that she wanted to change and she wanted us to pray for her. So we prayed for her in the park. She told us that she wanted us to meet her son and told us her address. To be honest she was really drunk and we didn't think much of it but the next day we were waiting for the Elders to show up to one of our appointments with us and as we were waiting we realized we were on the street of the drunk lady. We somehow remembered the address and found the home. It looked like a little barn more than a home. But we knocked and a boy who was about ten years old answered. We started teaching him. He was the most intelligent ten year old boy I have probably ever met. We asked him questions like if he knew how Jesus was baptized. He said yea, first john the baptist was teaching the people and then he said another man would come who was better than him and then Jesus searched for him to baptize him....It was a lot more detail than that and he was quoting scriptures. We asked him if he knew of any prophets and he went on for like 15 minutes about prophets of the bible. He said he loved to read so we said great we have a book for you. He was excited about what we taught him and I am excited to go back and teach him. It was a miracle of the Lord to be  guided to his home.
We have a really nice apartment. Its super nice. One of the nicest I have seen here. Its about 200 soles a month or 70 dollars.
I'm doing great. Love you all. Hope you have a great week.

Con amor,

Hermana Rhoten

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