Monday, August 5, 2013

The only two gringas in Huancayo

Me and my cake
Hola familia! This week was awesome. I really had a really great week. We are emailing late today because we hiked a mountain with president and his wife for a special p day. We found out during it that it is their 36 wedding anniversary today. How cute is that! It was a pretty good hike, we were at high altitude so it was hard to breathe a little but I was fine. There were a bunch of llamas and we hiked until we got to a glacier. It was really fun and everyone had a good time.
Llamas in the middle of the road today.
This is where we were at today.
We had the baptisms and confirmations of my favorite family this week. I can't really express in words how much I love them. They are like family to me. They have been my companion and I happy thought for several weeks because they have just brought us so much joy. The best part about it is that we as missionaries didn't do anything. They were prepared by the Lord to receive the gospel. We didn't have a single trial while teaching them. We would teach them a commandment and they would say okay, we will change. They asked us how our church does tithing before we even mentioned anything about it because they wanted to pay it.They bore their testimonies on Sunday and the father said that all he wants to do is travel the world and share this message of the gospel and how much it has changed his life. The baptisms and confirmations were really special. One of the highlights of my mission. The confirmation of the parents was great but what was really special was the blessing and confirmation of their 10 year old son. The spirit was so strong and he was told he will be a powerful instrument in the hands of the Lord. I hope that I can go to the temple with them in a year when they are sealed as a family. I will get down on my knees and beg president if I have to.
The family that we baptized this week on my birthday.

America at her baptism I wish i could have captured her face. It was the most beautiful thing i have seen. She kept saying how beautiful she felt inside.
I felt super loved on my birthday. We still taught lessons and worked hard but everyone here spoiled me. My pensionista made me hamburgers and it was the best Peruvian hamburger I have had. After that we went to the family we baptized to teach them or so I thought and they made us a second lunch and bought me a cake. It was really sweet of them. In the evening we went to the bishops house for a meeting and he bought me a cake too. They turned out the lights, covered me with stuff and cracked an egg on my head. I have to pause for a second and tell you that the bishop was an army guy and is kind of like a drill sergeant. I have always been a little bit scared of him. But this night he and his family went around the table individually and told us how much they loved us and the good that we have done for this ward. They said they haven't loved missionaries as much as us since the ones that had baptized them. I think it was good for my companion and I both to hear these things. We contacted with egg in my hair up until the very last minute that night.
This is me covered in stuff on my birthday with the bishops family. I felt super loved.

This is me on my birthday.
I had all sorts of stuff on my clothes so we decided to wash them. I didn't tell my companion that I have never washed my clothes in a bucket with a board before but I didn't think it would be that bad. I started washing them and my companion being her blunt self said, Oh dear, you are never going to find a husband until you learn how to wash clothes. So she taught me. There is actually a lot of technique to it. You put it on the board and go up and down with the scrubber  and then you rub the two parts of clothes until you cover the whole thing and rinse out all the soap really good or it will be as stiff as a rock. By the end I was really getting the hang of it. Now I should be able to find a husband someday. lol 
My companion and I on the bus
On Thursday this week we were in a taxi and right in front of us there was a collision between a motocycle and a taxi. I saw the two men on the motocycle fly in the air and hit the ground hard. Without thinking I opened up the door of the taxi and ran to the man who was lifeless in the middle of the street. I quickly found a pulse and checked for breathing. My companion was talking with someone to call for help. I opened up his clothes and he started to breath normal. I stabilized his head with my Book of Mormon and got blood all over but not important. I knew it was important for him to stay concious so I tried my best to talk to him and get him to talk back. I told him I was a missionary and that I was here to help him and that everything would be alright. I did my best to keep him stabilized until help came.When we left my companion was like how did you know what to do. I said to be honest I didn't, I don't know where that came from. 

The next day I found myself in a situation where we had contacted a man who was suffering of sadness. He had lost his father suddenly a month ago and was really sad. I found myself saying almost the same words to this man. I told him we were missionaries and here to help. I didn't know what to say to him but words came. 

I have learned that in the fight of mortality that all we really need to do is have the will to act and be obedient. I understand a little better now what Nephi meant when he said he was guided by the spirit not knowing beforehand the things that he should do. I know that in Gods work he helps us to know what to do and say when we need it. I have seen it time and time again, even this week. 

I love you all, hope that you have a great week. 

Hermana Rhoten

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