Monday, May 12, 2014

Hola Familia..Well Feliz dia de la madre a todos!

I hope that all the mothers out there had a happy day. It was so fun to talk to my family yesterday and my sister in Mexico. It's crazy how many things are the same and how many things are different. Turns out we both use combis but they call them something different. And that no one is married there either. So funny.
This week I have divisions planned with my old area and another area. I'm excited to go back there.  We are going to try and see the pre incan ruins in my area next Monday with our Elders. Hoping that it works out. They said it's a little bit of a hike so hopeful we will be online the same time.
I think I look like my mother in this picture. It's weird. We ate banana splits for a zone activity. Also this is the alpaca sweater I bought. cute huh? 
In Peru Mother's day is a little bit crazy. It's like most of the other holidays in Peru, a huge party. This weekend everyone was throwing big parties, we walked by several people in Concepcion in their native dancing clothing, saw lots of people dancing in the streets and lots of drinking. Lots of the schools have the little kids dress up and they put on dance shows for their moms, it's so cute. We had a really awesome ward activity for Mother's day this weekend in our ward too. The priesthood put it on. They had chicken and whole potatoes and we ate it with our hands, then they just turned on music and told all the relief society to dance and celebrate. And they did. No shame there. It's definitely a dancing culture. They all love to dance.
We found American candy in a store and bought it for after we talked to our families as a special treat.
We are teaching a bunch of really great people right now. I love my investigators. 8 of them are golden but more than half of them have to get married. Story of the mission. It's so hard to get people to get married. I have been studying this week about how to teach about eternal families better. 

My beautiful area
In the middle of that we were contacting two women in the street and as we handed her an invitation with a picture of a family on it. She said something along the lines of, of course I get the one with the family just as my family is falling apart. We asked her if we could come visit her and strengthen her. Our first appointment was full of distractions but the spirit was so strong and she accepted a baptism date. In her prayer she thanked God for sending three of his servants to her house for showing her the way.
This is the beautiful house of Charo, the Elders pensionista.
I feel like we are making progress with the ward. I got asked to speak on Sunday and I taught the gospel principles class. Before the sisters didn't do that so I take it as the ward is starting to trust us a little bit more. The gospel principles class was tough because their was a pastor from another church there and he wanted to contend with me as I was teaching. He had a scripture for everything and wasn't a very good listener. But as I listened to him I realized that the promise from the Lord, "you will not be confounded before men" happened in that class, even in Spanish. I understood his perspective and with each calm answer or scripture that I gave he seemed to lose words and I could continue teaching. I have often thought to myself how amazing it is that the Lord can take such young unknowledgeable people and turn us into missionaries in his work. I feel like if this wasn't the lord's work it would all fall apart. He was an elderly man who had studied the bible all his life and I was a 21 year old girl serving as a missionary. Another testament that this is the lord's work. 

Have a good week! 

Hermana Rhoten 1

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