Monday, February 24, 2014

Hola Familia

At the conference
Como estan ustedes? Bien? Espero que si. Estoy super feliz and super occupada. These next couple weeks are going to be so busy! I have a bunch of divisions including going to Cerro de Pasco this week, and then going to Huancayo for council the beginning of next week and the next week is cambios. Its a lot of crazy.
 We started out the week getting over the colds that we have had, and I ended up taking my companion to the clinic. It was a little bit difficult to work though sickness when I would lose her voice and she would start coughing but usually we were blessed to be able to talk when the other one couldn't. We still had really great lessons and were able to keep positive. I think sometimes my companion feels the stresses that I have been a sister training leader and trying to think about everything at once but she handles them so well.
From the conference
We had a conference and pday with President this weekend! It was really great and uplifting. We played soccer! The hermanas got an entire field to themselves since there are so many of us here in Huancuo we could actually play. Soccer is so popular here that it is usually a joke asking what we are going to do for pday because all the elders want to do always for everything is play soccer. I love soccer too but we usually can't play since we can't play with elders so we were all really excited to play and we woke up pretty sore the next day. We learned and focused on learning to be better preach my gospel missionaries and committing to living the principles that are in there. 
Watching soccer. We played too but we were still a little sick so we watched the elders play.
These are all the people from my MTC district that are still in the mission. Elder Layton is now working in the office so he came for the conference.
So there are these special nuts here that people always eat that have a hard shell on them and they themselves are pretty hard, and I don't even think they are very good but everyone loves them. My innocent companion got offered some during ward council on Sunday from a member and I declined them because I was fasting. She had never seen them before because they are foreign to us and she didn't have me as an example of eating them so she just stuck them in her mouth without taking the shell off. It cracked so hard that we thought she had broken her teeth and it echoed a little bit. The entire ward council seemed to see it and we were all laughing until we were almost crying. It was so funny. I think she was a little embarrassed but took all the laughter really well.
From our ward activity. I guess bobbing for apples is an international game.
This is a jungle dish that I don't remember what its called. It's basically fried bananas that you eat with a hot mango sauce. It is pretty good.
I did a division with an hermana that has been having a really hard time this week. She had been crying a lot which everyone knows is my favorite because I just never know what to do. She has been struggling with feeling forgiven from past sins that she has already repented of. During the division we talked a lot about being forgiven and the atonement. She had expressed to me that she didn't understand how god could love someone like her for everything that she had done. I was surprised to have felt my mind go to the Book of Mormon in a chapter that I hadn't studied recently or very thoroughly in Spanish.The more I talked and we read I was surprised to find that there were lots of details that fit her situation and feelings perfectly. We compared the love of god to him watching a child. We don't lose love for a child when they trip as they are learning to walk, we don't get angry when a child honestly says a sincere I'm sorry for the things they did, nor do we continue to remember and feel upset after they are long over because of the love we have for them. I came to the conclusion that I don't think that our Heavenly Father gets mad at us when we trip in learning to love and be patient nor does he continue to feel upset over things that we sincerely repent for. I think he just continues to love us and help us.
Sometimes we have huge bugs in our house and they jump on the shoes we are trying to kill them with.
Les quiero mucho! Espero que tengan una bien semana. 

Hermana Rhoten

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