Monday, December 23, 2013

Feliz Navidad to everyone

Happy Birthday to my mother tomorrow. Hope it's a good one. I'm excited to skype with you guys too this week and be able to talk for a little bit. That should be fun.

This week was wonderful and a little stressful. Hermana Krupp and I were hoping that we would have transfers and I honestly wouldn't think that we would because we were new in the area and she was in the middle of her training. But I got a call at 11:30 pm Monday night asking if I could train again. So off I went to Huancayo again for the training and to pick up my new trainee. 

I got another surprise when President called out the name of my new companion he also called out another name and said that we would be in a trio. I have two companions for Christmas! haha. I love them both, and we get along great so far. Hermana Whitlock is from Arizona and is new in the mission. She is spunky and fun and sure reminds me of someone that I really cant put my finger on. Hermana Abbott is from Maryland and has 6 weeks in the mission. She is really sweet. The only trial I think that we will have together is with the language. Neither of them can speak or understand Spanish. It will be fun to be together on Christmas because we can sing Christmas songs in English on the roof and watch fireworks (everyone does fireworks here for Christmas).
Fruitcake for Christmas. We always get it.
We didn't really accomplish much this week because of the two days of traveling and my time in Huancayo. The trip to Huancayo is so long. We rode in vans and the roads were so bad it felt like we were off roading. It was worse than 38th street back home and it is an 8 hour trip. The best part about traveling in Peru is that there is about a 50% chance you are on the side of a cliff. Mom would have died. I didn't sleep much this week.
All the new sisters and training sisters.
Speaking of not sleeping much this week. I also got called to be a Sister Training Leader while I was in Huancayo. Its basically the equivalent of a Zone Leader but over the sisters. I get to go on divisions with them, and I will be doing a lot of traveling. I will be going back to Huancayo in about a week for the leadership training which I'm not really looking forward to that much because its a long trip. I will be honest and say that when President called me into his office to tell me it was a little overwhelming. I was already a little stressed to be training two new Americans. But after I felt really grateful for the opportunity to train and help other sisters. I feel really close to my Heavenly Father when I can't sleep at night and pray to seek revelation about how he wants me to do what he has asked me. 

We had a baptism on Saturday of a boy in a family that we had been working on reactivating. It went really well. 

This week I read in Luke 2 to be in the Christmas spirit. Something really cool that I had never noticed before is the role of the angel messengers. The messengers came to the shepherds and the shepherds listened. Through them they were able to find Christ. I am grateful to be a messenger in this season and to help people to be able to find Christ and find the joy that I have felt through him in my life. I hope we can all remember him this week.
Feliz Navidad!

 Hermana Rhoten

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