Monday, November 18, 2013

Another great week in Huanuco.

 Things are starting to progress but it still feels like the work is moving slowly. Before I forget I need to tell you that we are traveling to the jungle next Monday as a zone with President Henderson. If I don't write next week that is why, we still might get to we don't really know. It's two hours away and I'm not sure what we are doing there so I guess you will find out later.
Our pensionsita
I got three letters that asked about my showering situation these past couple weeks so I think I will mention that even though its not really that important. It's kinda funny actually. I think the shower I have now is one of my favorites. Through out my mission we have had all sorts of different ways of showering, from buckets, showers of freezing water, hot water that turns freezing at any given moment, and sometimes they just randomly don't have water for five days anywhere in the city and then you are really grateful for the freezing cold water. That happened this week and once when we were in Huancayo. The bathroom we have now is about three feet by four feet and it has a toilet and a sink and a big drain in the floor. At the bottom of the sink there is a hose with a really powerful spray nozzle on it and the water is freezing. It reminds me of when you get all dirty when you are a little kid and your parents spray you off with the hose to get you clean. We make all sorts of funny jokes about it.
We started teaching the nephew of my pensionista this week. We kinda felt like he was obligated by his aunt because he didn't act like he really wanted to listen to us. But we decided to start teaching him one day when he was over during dinner. We taught the first lesson and we thought it didn't go very good but we made another appointment to meet with him to see if he would keep the commitments that we gave him. The next appointment we had he came 20 minutes early. We asked him if he had read what we had given him from the Book of Mormon and he told us that he had read that and a lot more. He had read the entire first part of the Book of Mormon and about ten chapters of third Nephi when it talks about Christ in the Americas. He had a few  questions for us and we explained them. He was really excited about the gospel and asked us who was going to baptize him. The first time we asked him he told us he didn't want to be baptized. I have seen many times in my mission the power that the Book of Mormon has. I have seen people who sincerely study and ask for a confirmation from God receive answers. I love the Book of Mormon. 

I got to go on splits this week. Hermana Soliz went with my companion and I went with her companion who is a newbee from Texas (Hermana Silvester). I went to their area and taught some really great people. The first lesson that we had we were able to get permission for a fifteen year old boy to get baptized. He was really active in the church for quite some time but his mom was catholic and didn't want him to get baptized. She not only agreed but she said that she would come to his baptism on Saturday. That was a huge miracle.While we were street contacting we went into a little store that they have on every street and met a man who had a monkey! It was awesome. I usually don't have my camera but I happened to have it so I sent you some pictures of him. When I got back on Sunday it was crazy because we only had an hour to run up the mountain and talk to an investigator and then I needed to write a talk for church. We ran up the mountain the fastest that we ever had and my talk went well.
This is from Hermana Silvester that Miranda went on splits with: A few days later I was companions with a gringa Hermana Rhoten (so much fun) and we were walking and she just went into the tienda where the angry old man works and guess what!! He had a MONKEY!! A tiny little monkey that lives in his shirt!! And I got to touch it!! (I feel like I should explain that the angry old man is angry only when he talks about Joseph Smith, he likes the missionaries hahaha) he also has a beautiful Dalmatian that lives with him in his tienda!! And a gold tooth. It’s pretty sweetsauce
This is the monkey that we met when we were contacting in the tienda.
Before my mission I remember watching missionaries come home from their missions being people that had really changed. I had always wondered silently in my mind what kind of experiences that they must have had in order to have changed so much. I think I had one of those experiences this week. We were walking on the side of the mountain when a young woman called us and invited us into her home . We stepped inside this little one room home made out of dirt and rocks. It had a bed  and two chairs and two buckets of water for showering. I was humbled to find out that seven people lived there. Laying on the ground on top of some cardboard was a very skinny old man who looked very ill. He had a large bump on his stomach. The family asked us if we could pray for him because he was very sick.They must have recognized us as religious people and called us into their home. I told them that we could say a prayer. I said a prayer praying for the man and for the family to be comforted in this time of need. I felt the spirit so very strongly in that home as I prayed. Before we left we knelt down next to him and held his hand. As he looked at my companion he told her that he was going to die tomorrow and asked what was going to happen to him. We were caught speechless. We left his home just feeling so sad for this man that he had never known the gospel of Jesus Christ or his peace. I realized that there are so many people in the world that don't have that and that there is so much work still to do. We had a new motivation to move forward and to try to share our message with everyone we could.
The people that live in these hills are strong. They can't use cars to take things up to their houses.
That's all for this week. Hope you all have a great week and a great Thanksgiving if you don't hear from me! And tell Sister Pulsipher Happy 100th Birthday on Thanksgiving for me.


Hermana Rhoten

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