Monday, October 21, 2013

Our area is doing awesome right now.

Sorry that for some reason my letter didn't send last week. I can't find it and really don't know what happened. Bummer. I'm doing a lot better this week. Our area is doing awesome right now. I had been feeling really discouraged for a few weeks because I have been in this area a long time and have really wanted to see a change in this time that I have been here. This week the Lord really let me see that the ward is changing and that the effort we are putting in is doing something. We had ten investigators and all of the recent converts that have been baptized in my time here at church yesterday, and had more lessons, references, and new investigators than we have had in months. The bishop is super happy and we had our first ward council without contention yesterday! Yay! We are preparing to have three or possibly four baptisms this week also. Its really a miracle when you think about it. An American who is learning Spanish and the shyest Peruvian girl working together and being successful. I guess its because its not our work.
This pretty much describes my companion and I. She likes to look gothicy and I'm just me.
We are also planning an activity for the three wards for this Saturday. Its like a mini MTC for members where we are going to train them in different classes and then help them go out and proselyte with us. PresidentHenderson is going to come and speak at it too as the ¨president of the mini MTC. They kind of put the activity a lot on my shoulders because I have done things like this before and I feel like I am using my activity planning skills. We printed fake mission calls yesterday and passed them out to members and it looks like we should have a good turnout because everyone is working together. 
This is Hermana Dula at her house. She has a really really nice house for here. A member family that we love.
I didn't really take many pictures this week
Other highlights or just things that happened this week were...
Finding out that that chewy stuff that my pensionista sometimes mixes into dishes is cow stomach. Awesome. I really didn't like it that much at first but I have realized that I have gotten used to it. Its just really really chewy. Like gum or something. 
My rediscovery of my love for Abinadi and his teaching style. If you haven't read those chapters of Mosiah recently you should go back and read them. They are so awesome.
I realized that shoulders are a lot stronger than I thought. We got to carry jugs of water on our shoulders like women in the old testament from the church to the five blocks or so to our house. No water is clean in this mission so we get jugs of drinkable water and carried them on our shoulders. I kinda wish I had a picture of it.
A random three year old girl on the street grabbing my leg and refusing to let go. I miss children with my whole heart. I didn't get my fill of them with swim lessons this year. I guess its worth it though to teach the gospel.
We also got followed by three drunk men this week. I think that has to be a record somewhere. And there is a less active member in our ward that has a crush on me I think. The problem is that he has been sending us all sorts of food to our pensionista and the other hermanas don't want him to stop. They think its great. But we should probably talk with him this week. But on the bright side he has been coming to church every time I invite him. We are trying to talk the bishop into giving him a calling, he is a good guy and I think if he had a calling he would fulfill it well.

I have more to write but I am running out of time this week so it will have to be good enough. Just know we are doing good and really feeling God's love this week. Love you all! Have a great week.

Hermana Rhoten


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