Monday, July 8, 2013

This week flew by. I'm not sure were time goes.

This is a picture from the park. I am wearing all borrowed clothes because I didn't have any clean. The hat is a traditional Peruvian hat.
 Every week it seems that way. There is never enough time. I was told yesterday that I have a bus ticket for Lima that leaves on Thursday so I'm sure this week will be even faster. I am not sure how long I will be there but I assume it is only for a few days. Today is going to be an awesome pday. Our district is making food from our homes. Elder Mira (my Chilean zone leader) begged me to make brownies so I am going to try it. Most of the people in my district have never heard of brownies and it will be their first time trying them. Wish me luck. Then we are going to go hike somewhere that's a little ways outside of Huancayo.
For service one week we helped our investigator make clothes. He has a business in his home.
It is winter here and rains almost everyday at least once. It usually rains really hard for about a half hour and then stops. If we get caught in it we get soaked. We usually try to run to the nearest little store (there is one about every block) and wait it out. It is a great opportunity to teach people in the stores while we wait. While we were waiting we met a man in a wheelchair named Eric. We have met with him almost everyday this week. He always reads what we give him and always has questions for us about what he read. I love teaching him. He is a great example to me of faith in trial.

Hermana Orellana and I at dinner‏

We had a meeting with the new president and his wife this week. I love them. I left the meeting feeling excited to be part of the new mission. I feel that President Henderson is serious about the things that need to be serious like obedience but he is really funny. He had us all laughing. If I said he served his mission in Peru last week I lied, sorry. He served in California Spanish speaking. They are from Raleigh, North Carolina and are super adventurous. His wife is very sweet and was excited to speak to me in English.
This is from the reunion meeting with President.
One of my investigators is in a hard rock band. After one of the lessons this week I helped him translate one of his original songs into English. I'm adding that to my list of really random experiences from my mission. I guess if it ever becomes famous I helped with the translation. 
Silly elders. These are my zone leaders. Elder Mira from Chile and Elder Serrano from Mexico.
This week was the first week that I didn't really notice everyone staring at me as much. I had almost forgot I was different until we were in a store one day this week and a man asked if he could have a picture with me. I was caught off guard so my response was an equivalent to yea, i guess. Then I added only with my companion and if we can share a message with you. :) 
Yep, rice potatoes and guinea pig, typical Peruvian meal.

This is a fruit that is used in drinks that I love.
I realize I haven't shared much about my companion with you. She is from La Paz, Bolivia. 23 years old, one of seven children and is an incredible teacher. She is also probably one of the most patient people in the world. I always have about a million and three questions for her but she patiently answers all of them. She says its funny that I never get tired of wanting to know things and learning. I love that she is more right brained than me so she helps me to grow in different ways. We draw, play piano, make creative surprises for each other and are always singing.  She has one of the most beautiful voices and I love listening to her sing hymns in the shower every morning. We were told that this transfer is going to be longer than the others because of the mission split and we were both so happy. I am super lucky to have such an awesome companion. 
Teaching primary. And thus begins my collection of cute Peruvian children pictures.
Cleaning the church. This is what our building looks like.                            
This past Sunday was awesome. Or in Peru we would say bien chevere. We had lots of investigators come to church including a family that we hope to be baptized and their two children. It was an answer to our earnest fast for people to come to church. I was talking to this eighteen year old boy after church about a song that I played in sacrament meeting that he liked and two great things happened from that conversation. The first was that he said he didn't know I spoke English! I told him I was learning Spanish and he said my pronunciation was so good he couldn't tell. It was one of the greatest compliments of my life. The second great thing was I found out that he isn't actually a member. I don't know how that slipped past everyone, he has been coming to church for several months just because he loves church. I asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he said yea but I have some questions first. I grabbed my companion and a member who just returned from his mission and we went into the chapel and taught him through Sunday school. He has a baptismal date for next week after I get back from Lima and we are so excited for him. It was an awesome experience.
This is where I was dropped off when I arrived in Huancayo

Downtown Huancayo. Pretty huh?
Also at our meeting this week we were given the address to our mission. In case anyone wants to write me its, Mision Peru Huancayo Jiron Cuzco Nro. 274 Huancayo Peru. I got Grandma and Kelsie's letters this week. We also have a mission blog. The address is and they said they will post pictures and stuff.
I thought dad would appreciate this. This is construction in Peru.
Walking to the pensionista we always pass this park. The buildings are what all of Peru looks like. They are playing futbol (soccer)
I know this work is the work of God. There are too many miracles for it not to be. Have a great week!
Con amor,

Hermana Rhoten

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